I salute your project on a documentary about Ana Blandiana and will give you assistance with pleasure. Like you, I believe that her courage and initiative down the years deserve greater recognition both within Romania and beyond.

Dennis Deletant, obe, historian (UK)

Ana Blandiana is not just a poet that you learn about in school, but someone who has contributed to the writing of recent history through her activity at the Civic Academy and by revealing the truth about Communist repression. For the enormous impact she continues to have on European democracy and culture, this is certainly a worthy film and an admirable initiative.

cristina guseth, Director of Freedom house romania Foundation

As today’s world reels between crises, Ana Blandiana’s poetic authority grows ever more urgently essential.

fiona sampson, poet (UK)

Probably Romania’s greatest contemporary poet.

Charles Altieri, Chicago review (USA)

Ana Blandiana wanted to render justice by making the facts known and bringing them to light, through this memory placed at the heart of public debate in her country, and beyond. Quite simply, she created the world’s first memorial to the victims of Communism.

M. Henri Paul, french ambassador in romania (2009) (FRANCE)

The Romanian Ana Blandiana is one of Europe’s greatest living poets.

The Guardian (UK)